Boalla, a wooden urban village
future living for all

The site is located on the outskirts of Stockholm. The project Boalla proposes a new type of suburban living inspired by urban structures and designed as a high density low rise townscape. The houses are all have a square layout with an integrated atrium. The houses are laid out in units of 4- 6 houses sharing a common entrance space. The atrium/small gardens are connected to a communal garden shared by further units. Housing units for elderly with special needs is conceived as collective housing, respecting the need for privacy as well as community and care. The development is designed in two parts connected by a large park. The Park itself also connects the woods on the hill with the new planned centre of Barkarby.

Extracts of the Jury report:
… planned with 7 units around a communal central space for living, hobbies, cooking combined with atrium gardens. The Jury sees this proposal as the most beautiful and best solution for the special needs housing… The proposal invites you to wanting more – a development like this should be build…

Honorary Mention in urban design competition,
housing, Flottiljen, Järfälla-Stockholm, Sweden, 2006