Private House Malmö

Realarchitektur planned the extension of this much loved house of a family of four from the 1920s. The house is situated in a beautiful garden at the corner of a local park. It was in good condition, but needed to be extended to meet the area requirements of the family. The extension is conceived as an independent volume and is only connected to the old house at the ground floor.The independence of the new building is reflected in its articulated form. The most important room of the house, the kitchen, is pulled out in front of the living room into the garden. A new terrace and the garden, and a small staircase to the upper floor of the extension are all reached from the space that arises between kitchen and living room. Space is thus created in the existing house for a new study and guest room. The tower room is for the eldest son; here he enjoys privacy a little separated from the family.

Conversion and extension of a private house, Marieholmsvägen, Malmö, completion 2006
Petra Petersson , Gordon Black
Client:Jesper Petersson und Garmyn Guggler
Fotos: Christina Erman Widerberg, Martin Widerberg