Villa Djursholm

The house was built in 1934. It is a timber frame construction with a rendered finish. The conversion aims at strengthening the connection to the garden and creating new spaces within the existing shell. The living spaces have been transformed into lighter and larger spaces. Existing original architectural details have been kept and combined with new.

On the upper floor the attic space has been removed, the roof construction has been reduced and the new studio space now stretches up to the underside of the roof. The new rooflights face north. The gallery is reached by a “bookstair”, a combination of bookshelves and storage space with a stair, inviting you to sit down and read on the steps.

The bottom floor layout has been changed. The kitchen is now located on the south side of the house with new windows opening up towards the garden. The kitchen has been combined with the dining and living area. These rooms can still be separated by the original sliding door from the 1930s.

Conversion of a villa. Valevägen, Djursholm, Stockholm, 2008 – 2009
Clients: Anna and Philip Sjögren
Photos: Felix Odell