Helsingør kulturvaerftet/culture yard
curiosity: entrance alleys, shipyard balcony and a diving shared lobby
Competition entry

The shipyard area is a former industrial area between the town of helsingør and kronborg castle, where a variety of functions/activities/uses have found a new home. The appoach of this proposal is to maintain the special spacial character of the area, at the same time preparing it for the asked uses of the competition brief.

One strategy is to ensure that the asked variety of uses have separate entrances so that they may work, open up and close independently. The entrances are partly hidden, waiting to be discovered by potential users. A shared lobby will additionally connect the different uses and their foyers/lobbies.

The existing building will host the large multi-purpose hall on the first floor and the conference facilities on the second floor. The building requires a new roof structure. The new roof allows for the asked fly-height of six meters above stage, and a spectacular conference situation on the north end of the building. The entrance level of building 12 will be enlarged by the “shipyard balcony”, a semi-public space overlooking the seaside and the town. Shipyard museum, small multi-purpose-hall and café have an access from the “balcony” through a foyer, connected to the shared lobby.

The replacement of building 13, the first building which you see when arriving from the city centre or the station, opens up the opportunity to erect a new landmark, a sign for the development of the new cultural functions in the shipyard. The replacement also allows the development of a flexible, modern multimedia facility, which can be equipped with the latest technology, up to date insulation and ventilation, and which is absolutely suitable for the need of a complex such as a new central library.