Arndtgymnasium Berlin

Competition entry for the Arndt high school in Berlin. Realarchitektur with AGP Architekten

The new building emphasises the courtyard, resolving the complete school complex. Due to the wide footpaths and garden areas, the new build leaves a generous distance to the opposite existing building. The main building is positioned with the narrow side to the street, thus setting up the same relation to the street as the stair risalit of the south wing of the old building. The new build takes its cue from this facade and, because of the gable height, can allow five floors. An appropriate distance from the sports hall’s south facade is maintained from the street profile of the school home, as is the character of the old school garden on Königen-Luise-Straße is upheld. The existing old building on Königen-Luise-Straße holds its prominent position to the street and is resolved with a staircase tower at the end of the west wing.

The canteen is centrally located in the ground floor of the new building, and is also accessible from the 1st floor through large expansive steps. Here, the old building is accessed on the level of the main entrance and administration offices. The placing of the canteen by the schoolyard and „culture yard“ together with the 1st floor connection to the main entrance of the main building offers possibilities for open events like „Dahlemer Tag“ or for concerts performed by the large school orchestra. The staff area is separated by a corridor and provides space for quiet breaks and concentrate work at individual workspaces. All classrooms are north-facing in order to guarantee even, glare-free natural light. Specific subject rooms, classrooms, the library and the IT rooms are planned on the 1st and 2nd floor, and new classrooms and group rooms are to be located on the 3rd and 4th floor. Teachers aid rooms of various sizes are positioned on each corresponding floor. Circulation space in the form of corridors and a staircase act as a puffer against overheating in summertime for the classrooms.


Realarchitektur mit AGP Architekten.
team: Petra Petersson, Gordon Black, Wolfgang Meier.