The Dubai Marina Gardens Tower, CP8 and Gate Village

Realarchitektur was asked to plan a 64 storey residential tower on Dubai Marina.
The design enables people to combine high rise living with an outdoor way of life not normally found in apartments.

The building enjoys a spectacular location at the mouth of the newly created marina, virtually surrounded by water and promising sensational views on all sides. The newly created marina has already become a magnet for people in Dubai, offering the flair of a waterfront location free of traffic and enlivened by countless cafés and restaurants.

“Gardens in the sky” will allow people to create a special relationship between inside and outside spaces. The internal planning has been carefully designed to create efficient but luxurious units. Internal layouts emphasise views out and also avoid lengthy corridors and wasted spaces thereby maximising market sales value. Units have separate service entrances. The plans enable maximum flexibility and change. If necessary, different sizes and types of units can easily be added or moved about with virtually unlimited potential for alternative positions.

It is proposed to adopt conventional construction techniques for this project which are commonly used in Dubai for projects of this type. Cast insitu reinforced concrete systems have proved to be the most economical and widely used of all contemporary available systems for 60 level residential towers in Dubai. For the exterior of the building, a re-constituted stone panel system will be used.The stacking of different apartment types gives rhythm to the exterior of the building, and provides a rich mix of single and double storey apartments. Particularly the double height terraces with individual swimming pools in the four bedroom apartments lend the building its unique quality.