Theater Volksbühne Berlin

Restauration, renewal of air handling system and seating arrangement.
We were invited to be part of a team involved in the refurbishment of a listed theatre building, the Volksbühne Berlin, one of Berlin’s largest and most interesting performance spaces.
The Volksbühne theatre was designed by Oskar Kaufmann and built between 1913-14. It was badly damaged during the Second World War, and was renovated by the DDR architect Hans Richter. Much was altered including the original layout of the main auditorium.
The need to comply with modern fire regulation and ventilation requirements meant that the auditorium had to be changed again, giving us the opportunity to re-think the layout. The seating is curved and the slope has been changed, allowing for the best views of the stage and creating a more involved and enclosed atmosphere for the audience. It is slightly steeper than then in other traditional theatres allowing a close interaction between the spectator and the actors.