Preschool Stockholm

The preschool in Stockholm is part of a new housing development, which was also designed by Realarchitektur in the Stockholm suburb of Hägersten. The preschool lies at the entrance to Kransbindarvägen, and, like the new housing development, is fitted into the site’s existing rocky landscape. The requirements for barrier-free access, and the steeply sloping site, formed the background for a design of lively rooms with different relationships to the outdoor spaces. Rooms for both play and rest were provided for five groups on five levels. The steep slope was used to provide direct access to the outdoor play areas. The choice of materials and colours was developed together with the future occupants. The outdoor play areas were fitted into the rocky sloping landscape and equipped with slides and sandboxes on different plateaus. The trees that were felled were kept and used as play equipment.

The masterplan for Kransbindarvägen was presented in December 2009. Construction for the preschool started in 2013 and was completed in 2015.
Area 850 m2.
Clients: Familjebostäder and Besqab.
Team REALARCHITEKTUR: Petra Petersson, Kerstin Zahn, Gordon Black, Felix Arlt, Henning Watkinson, Julia Molles
Photographs by Felix Odell