Competition “StadtBauKultur-Leitprojektes 1000 Baulücken in NRW!”

Schneller Wohnen is a joint project of Realarchitektur and ifau, institute for applied urbanism
», Berlin

A group of young, active and motivated urban dwellers wants to take an active part in the development of their cities. They are unable to find innovative and affordable living space and threaten to move out.

Paula and Zoran are young and wild. At the moment they are living in Duisburg,who knows for how much longer. They dream of a cool bar in the city centre, that’s maybe only sometimes open, and never keeps the same style for too long, and which makes a good springboard forthe next step, the homebase as it were.

“schneller wohnen” produces added value:
Cities get a development tool for fast reaction to constantly changing circumstances. The apparent under use of some inner city sites supports real diversity; adding new forms of living to the mix creates further richness. Temporary, recyclable living accommodation offers an alternative to moving out into the suburbs, thus keeping vital sections of the population in the city and cutting down on building activity on greenfield sites.

Threshold spaces focus the positive energy of “schneller wohnen” on the immediate surroundings thus upgrading them and in the end the whole city.

Users realise their personal ideal of living on sites they could otherwise not afford, be it urbanity or country house idyll.

Landowners profit from increased attractivity and reduced overheads for derelict inner city sites. “schneller wohnen” activates these sites temporarily and increases their value – also for a later permanent user.